Here's what some people had to say...

“One of my earliest jobs was for a young mom with two young children. She hired me to organize her baby’s nursery and closet. He was about to turn one and the chaos of two small children and a busy home life were evident in that little room.

Two and a half hours later she was stunned by the order and peace she felt in that space. She quickly called her hubby and asked if I could stay and organize their daughter’s room.

She ordered pizza and I went to work on the second bedroom. After vacuuming and moving all the donation bags and trash, the mom shared with me her husband’s last day of work was Friday.

He had been let go and they were using this money to gain some peace and order in the midst of a trying and stressful time. I had no idea.”

Peace in uncertain times

“Another friend {all my clients become dear friends somewhere between pantries and closets!} had me start by helping her with her food pantry. Most clients start with a project they think I can handle.

Before long we were organizing her dining room, kitchen, office, closet, bathroom…

She did well with the short 2 ½ hour sessions. She was a creative genius. She could maintain any system I set up, but creating the system was too linear for her.

Somewhere along the way she shared her adult struggle with ADHD, the frustration of not being able to “just do it” and organize, and the overwhelming daily demands that need organization.

In one of our organization sessions she shared that she was afraid to hire me initially because she didn’t want to be judged, or forced to get rid of her artistic pieces. She didn’t want to be put in a “box”. She shared that she never felt that way with me.”

Order from Chaos

“After working together on a separate project a fellow colleague decided to “let me in” and see the chaos her life had become.

She was skeptical I could change her situation, but felt safe enough with me that I would not judge her for how disordered her home had become.

We started the kitchen. Her hubby quipped that I paid for my services in the stamps I found alone. The kitchen success gave her the perspective she needed to continue on to organize a few more areas of her home.

As we continued to organize her home together, we share our personal struggles with our children and PURGED emotionally as well as physically, and clarity surfaced.

As we finished her third space she shared with me,

“I never thought I would be able to go back to work again. My life was so chaotic. I never liked this house because we moved in such a hurry. I didn’t realize how much my disorder was affecting my outlook on life. For the first time in years I am thinking I could get to the place that I could get a job again outside the home. Lisa, you do so much more than organize. You give people their lives back”.

Beyond depression