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Organize 365 team

Organizing MAMA is our specialty.

We love to talk with a busy woman and create systems that let her space function just the way she needs it! Organizing MAMA sessions are scheduled in 5-6 hour blocks at $60 an hour. After our first session I can let you know how many more session you will need to get through these 4 critical areas. {The average is 18 hours for all 4 areas}

I have found these 4 areas are almost completely in the woman’s domain. Once they are organized and systematized she feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of her shoulders!

Organizing the professional woman

Carol and I have worked full-time from home and away from home. We understand the demands on your time. An organized home saves time, money and sanity. Together, Carol and I will come into your home – with your direction- and get your WHOLE HOUSE organized.

Marriage, divorce, re-carpeting or moving there are transitional times in your life where you you just need to “reset” your home and start over. We can get your home organized and functioning so that you can do what you do best.

Organizing the professional woman sessions are scheduled in 5-8 hour blocks of time with 2 organizers for $100 an hour or 3 organizers for $140 an hour. The organize 365 team has on site the bins, baskets and organizers needed to compete your home. We always use what you have on hand first. On average organization supplies  for a complete home organization project total 20% of the total organization bill.

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Organization Session Ideas

Master Closet  organization

We organize any type of closet to make it functional and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Kitchen organization

Every Kitchen can use a deep cleaning and reorganization every 1-3 years. Organize 365 will do that AND set up systems that work for your family.

Laundry room  organization

Do you shove everything in this catch all spot? Most women do. I will make systems for those quick stash moments!

Home office or Kitchen desk organization

Paper – AGH! I love paper and I will teach you to love it too. All you need is to understand your “paper’s personalities” and create systems that work for how you think.

Additional rooms

Organize 365 can tackle the garage, basement, pantry, living areas, guest room and toy areas too. Once MAMA is organized you may want the whole house done!

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Room redesigns – shopping – installation – organization

Redesigning a space is a process. Organize 365 is available to help you with one step or the whole process! Each session is priced individually.


After you schedule a free 20 minute call, I will come out to your home and make measurements and verbally share with you how I would change your space. This session is $100 for 1 hour.


After we have a plan I am available to meet you at Ikea in West Chester to shop for furniture for your space. You tell me what you like and I will make sure it will all fit and you have all the pieces needed for assembly. $60 an hour


My assistant and I will come to your home and assemble your new furniture. $100/hr for 2 organizers.


Once your room is complete my assistant and I will put everything in your new organization zones. $100/hr for 2 organizers.

Kid Organization

With a K-8 teaching certification, Lisa really enjoys working with children to declutter and organize their rooms. Lisa has worked with children from 7- 25. And the best part – they STAY organized! No mom help needed! $60 an hour (average 2-3 hours per child) {minimum $200}

Special Organizing Services

Re-locations / moving

We can make your moving experience stress-free and uncomplicated. We will handle any or all phases and tasks involved with moving — from packing to unpacking to organizing everything in its new place. A team of 2 organizers will help you quickly and efficiently. $100 hr/ 2 organizers

Staging ~ Interior Design

After you schedule a free 20 minute call, I will come out to your home and verbally share with you how I would change your space. This session is $100 for 1 hour. You may have the shopping and staging done for you at a cost of $60/hr.

Memorabilia / collectibles

Lisa has over 15 years of photo organization experience. We will organize your memorabilia and photos into custom storage boxes or into elaborate scrapbooks resulting in organized keepsakes to enjoy! $60/ hr.

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